John Carroll leads the Gathering today in sharing testimonies of what God has brought us in 2012.  Several members and friends of SUMC share their own personal testimonies.  Happy New Year!

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John Hill preaches the Christmas Eve service at the Gathering on 12-24-2012.  Merry Christmas from all of us at SUMC!

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Pastor Terri Hill discusses the Joy of Jesus in Us - John 15:1-11

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Pastor Joel Lusz leads the Gathering today in a message from Psalm 126.  On a separate note, our hearts and minds are with those affected by the unconscionable tragedy in Newton, CT.  We pray that God sends you peace in this darkest of hours.  

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Pastor John Hill leads the Gathering service today in a continuing message about being Joyful in our relationships with God and others.

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Terri Hill leads the Gathering this week in a message about Joy!!  We had some technical difficulty with the podcast this week, we hope to have it uploaded as soon as possible!

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